TJK Health & Beauty Tartar Remover Tooth Polisher Dental Tools - Electric Dental Calculus Plaque Remover Scraper - Professional Teeth Stain Removal - Cleaner Kit for Dental Cleaning In Between

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  • Practice, Practice and Practice! For a few customers, it might be a little difficult to work it your own teeth, but as everything it takes practice. By practicing, following the instruction from manual, or watching tutorial videos, you can easily remove tartar, dental stones, and other dirt that build-up on your mouth.
  • Great to Remove Stain Between Cleanings: The electric tartar remover is similar to what dentists uses in their practice. The electric dental plaque remover won’t be the replacement of all you dental cleaning, but it helps you stay clean in between the visits. It's like a personal little dentist! The dental calculus remover doesn’t eliminate the need for flossing as it serves a different purpose.
  • Painless and Refreshing: High frequency vibrations deliver great cleaning result. You can use the electric tartar scaler tool after meals, before going to bed or on your morning hygiene routine. You will be shocked to see how many food particles were trapped between my teeth.
  • Three Modes, 90° Cleaning Head Design and Two Professional Cleaning Heads: Have tartar buildup and gum issues? This new updated version tartar scaler removes tartar buildup like butter.
  • The 300mAh battery holds a very good charge. The auxiliary LED light lights up every tooth. The cleaning head is detachable so you can rinse under the faucet directly.