Eleph 8" Screen Amplifier for Cell Phone

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  • A Better and Bigger Visual Experience: Why struggle to watch movies or play games on a tiny screen when you could be enjoying a much more convenient viewing experience? This screen amplifier for cell phones magnifies the size of your small phone screen and allows you to watch movies without having to squint or bend down. All you need to do is just lie back and relax while the phone screen magnifier projects crystal clear HD images on a bigger screen for your viewing pleasure.
  • Safe For People Prone to Eye Strain and Vision Problems: This universal screen amplifier is a perfectly safe solution for people who strain their eyes while reading books or watching movies on a small phone screen. The screen amplifier projects images on a much bigger screen so you don’t feel tired and dizzy from having to view tiny, unclear videos and text. People with farsightedness and other vision problems can use this phone screen amplifier for a much more convenient viewing experience.
  • Lightweight and Foldable for Easy Everyday Use: Instead of carrying a laptop or tablet everyday, you can just use this 3d portable universal screen amplifier for easy viewing on the go. This foldable screen amplifier is super slim and compact enough to easily fit in any purse or bag. You don’t have to suffer from heavy bags and strained shoulders either as the foldable universal screen amplifier is designed to be as light and easy to carry as possible.
  • Holds Any Smartphone Securely: This screen amplifier for cell phones is designed with a secure and enclosed slot that can fit any smartphone you have. You don’t have to worry about any flimsy or loose parts breaking off during your movie or game as the phone screen magnifier is designed to be completely secure and durable. With the universal screen amplifier, you and your friends can conveniently watch movies or play games from any device instead of relying on just one phone.
  • Clear High Definition Picture Quality: Enjoy viewing breathtaking, colorful, and clear images like never before. You won’t have to deal with lowered and compressed picture quality anymore as this phone screen magnifier uses a thick lens to show movies, text, and images in clear, crisp, and colorful high definition picture quality. Instead of looking at blurred images and pixelated text, you can simply break out this 3d portable universal screen amplifier for optimum viewing pleasure.