Carenoble Heated Socks - Battery Included

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  • 3 Adjustable Heat Settings: Work and winter sports aren’t a great experience when your feet are too wet, hot, and sweaty for comfort. But you don’t have to worry about any burnt soles or toes with these comfy heated socks! With 3 adjustable temperature settings to choose from, you can simply switch these electric socks from high heat to medium and low heat with just the press of a button. Hike, hunt, and have fun in maximum comfort with these long-lasting high-performance thermal socks!
  • Convenient and Long Lasting: Keep warm while you ski like a winter sports champion with these convenient boot socks! Your feet are sure to stay warm, dry, and cozy during any indoor and outdoor activity as these warm socks come with long-lasting 3.7V li-ion batteries. Each battery can charge at the same time with just one special USB charging cord and any standard power bank, so you don’t need to deal with any extra delays or expenses during your hunting, camping, and hiking trips.
  • A 100% Perfect Fit: Stay warm and feel great while doing any athletic feat with these seamless and fitting crew socks. These electric socks for circulation use batteries that are compact enough to fit in any pair of shoes, boots, and slippers. You won’t have to worry about any itching or blisters either since these rechargeable socks are made with only ultra-soft cotton mesh and nylon fabric. Keep warm at home and on the go whether you’re a size 8 or 11 with these unisize warm cotton socks!
  • Improved Health and Circulation: Do you suffer from chronically cold feet due to diabetes or other medical conditions? Why not relax and stay warm anytime, anywhere with these warm fuzzy socks? These heat socks warm up your feet for hours to ensure continuous circulation and great health. People who are bothered by poor circulation and freezing feet can count on these electric socks to keep them comfortable, healthy, and happy while they sleep, work, and have indoor or outdoor fun.
  • High-Speed Heating: Using deluxe carbon fiber and upgraded heating elements, these winter socks heat up quickly and work non-stop to keep your feet in the best shape while you drive, hunt, ski, or simply relax at home. It only takes around 3 minutes for each no show sock to warm up your chilly feet so you don’t have to endure any extreme cold during rainy and windy weather. These electric socks also use coils that warm both the toes and soles to ensure maximum health, warmth, and comfort.